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Hey there, I'm sifedine

A Software Developer at Qareeb

about me

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I am a passionate software developer from Algeria, currently working at Qareeb. My expertise lies in JavaScript and TypeScript, with a strong focus on both client-side(React, Next.js) and backend (Node.js, Express, MongoDB) development. Additionally, I have experience in server hosting and management. Known for my dedication and enthusiasm, I continuously strive to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends.My natural problem - solving ability and diverse skill set in web development, server management, and publishing make me a valuable asset to any team.


never regret the past, if the action was good it's a memory, if it wasn't then it's a lesson

- sifedine

the future isn't scary, the future isn't joyful. the future is the result of your very moment

- sifedine

if you're not facing problems at what you're doing, you are not evolving you are repeating

- sifedine

My Skills

as a full-stack developer, here is my skillset of some of the languages and technologies i use the most







Next js


React native


Node js




Mongo DB


My Projects

these are some of the projects i've made, most of them are just for practice

T Motion Dev Landing page

the landing page for a software development team i created, the idea of the team was to provide software development services, the website is built with next.js, typescript, framer motion, and tailwindcss, the UI was designed be me using figma

Co Med

sif player

a powerful web based video player that allows you to play local videos or videos from a URL, with advanced user friendly controllers made by me and support for shortcuts, PiP, Playback, loop, themes customization, and many many more, it all works on the client side, no server side is used, this project was made because i couldn't find a video player that meets my needs, so i made one myself!

Co Med

sif code

a web-based editor, that allows you to write html, css, and javascript in just one page and no server side is used, it's a good example of how to use react, nextjs, typescript, iframe sandbox, and monaco editor

Co Med

svg blob generator

a quick useful svg blob shapes generator, cutomize the shape, the color and the size and download it as svg or png

Co Med

clip-path editor

css clip-path web editor, you can make, edit, and customize complex css clip-path shapes very easily

Co Med

co med

Co Med is a platform for both doctors and patients, it allows and helps doctor to manage and view their patients info, including charts, stats, public online reservation profile, This project was my entry for a hackathon that was hosted by ose it

Co Med


Chatti is an open sourced chat web application that was built by react, nodejs, express, mongoDB and

Co Med

ai talk

ai talk is a chatbot based on artificial intelligence, it uses the open ai api (gpt 3.5) to get the answers, this website is built with nextjs and typescript so it's a good example of how to use nextjs, states, data fetching and typescript

Co Med

utils core

utils-core.js is a powerful JavaScript utility library that provides a wide range of functions to simplify common programming tasks

Co Med

Rhyno bot dashboard

Rhyno bot is a verified multipurpose discord bot, i developed the dashboard that is responsible for claiming the rewards, customize the commands in the servers, customize the bot settings and replies

Co Med

Side projects

My Services

these are some of the services i provide, you don't see what you need here? just contact me to get service you need

front end


build you a website from scratch with all of the modern web requirements


  • Uses the latest web technologies
  • Fast and optimized web pages
  • Full responsive web design
  • Modern and clean design
  • SEO friendly

back end


create robust server-side solutions for web applications


  • Develop RESTful APIs
  • Handle server-side logic
  • Integrate with databases
  • Optimize server performance
  • Implement 3rd party integrations

custom project


build you whatever project that matches your needs and requirements


  • full stack applications
  • tools and automation
  • server managment
  • telegram bots
  • mobile applications (react-native)


Reach out using this form to discuss anything, from project ideas to detailed service inquiries. Let's connect and bring your vision to reality